Whether you happen to be new to cannabis or you are interested in trying out a new product, certain factors are important that you have to keep in mind as you go to do your purchase at Hillside Natural Wellness:

The CBD and THC content

Since everyone is likely to experience the same product of cannabis differently, you must learn your personal preference and threshold or both the CBD and the THC concentration. Each cannabis product needs to label clearly the CBD and the THC level of concentration so that you are in a position of deciding if it has the right potential or it is very potent for your particular needs.

The profile of the cannabis

Cannabis doesn’t make the cannabinoids directly associated with the plant, the CBD, and the THC. But what happens is that it gets synthesized, including various cannabinoid acids. The cannabinoid acids have to be decarboxylated – activated, using heat most of the time, to be able to yield the compounds that the majority of the consumers are searching for. But additionally, to the CBDA and the THCA, several related cannabinoid acids can easily be produced from cannabis:

  • The CBCVA –the cannabichromevarinic acid
  • The cannabidivarin acid – CBDVA
  • The cannabigerovarinic acid – the CBGVA
  • The tetrahydrocannabivarinic acid – THCVA
  • The cannabigerovarinic acid – the CBGVA
  • The cannabidiol acid – CBDA
  • The cannabichromeneric acid – the CBCA
  • The delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol acid – THCA
  • The Cannabigerolic acid – the CBGA

Go through the canna provision guide which will be able to explain the above in detail and to assist you in making the right choice in whatever content and profile that you should settle for.

The terpenes

While there is still a need to do more research regarding the potential benefits of the terpenes, there isn’t a doubt that the terpenes can end up affecting both the smell and the test of a cannabis product. When it comes to some customers, they feel that the terpenes might be an important factor in the quality of the overall experience.

Method of consumption

The way you choose to enjoy cannabis can end up playing a very important role in the overall experience which then affects everything from the user-friendliness to the convenience to the intensity and strength of the effects. Think about the method of consumption that is best for you and you don’t have to be afraid of trying out new options.


Weighing the above factors might help you in finding the product types that are going to meet your expectations as well as your needs, but you should not forget that the product source is equally important.